About EVOverload21
How did this event start?

On Earth Day 2021, EV Trail installed the first DC Fast Charger in Huerfano County, Colorado. On November 1, two Level 2 plugs were added. To celebrate this new station, the Colorado Springs EV Club decided to make a club event and visit the station. This became a great time to test the maximum load for the station with all fours plugs charging simultaneously. It's also a great time for local residents to see various electric vehicles and visit with the owners.

Where and when is EVOverload21?

Most drivers will be arriving at 11:30 am on Saturday, November 13, 2021, at George's Drive Inn, 564 US Hway 85-87, Walsenburg CO.

How can I participate?

Just show up!

Who is behind EVOverload21?

EV Trail is supporting the gathering with free charging all day at the station (midnight to midnight). The participating club for 2021 is the Colorado Springs EV Club.

What's it all about?

Let's try to overload Walsenburg with EVs for one day! Two goals: 1. charge simultaneously on all four charge plugs at maximum draw to show people the electrical grid won't break with EVs connected. 2. Dramatically increase the count of EVs in Walsenburg for a day.

And of course it's a great time to grab lunch at George's Drive Inn and for Walsenburg residents to visit with owners of electric cars and find out what they're all about.